Friday, September 19, 2008

Little Man Talked to Daddy!

Daddy has been out of touch the last few weeks and has not been able to call very often. It stinks, its bad enough him being gone but its even harder when I cant even talk to him on a regular basis, I can even pick up a phone and call him whenever I want to.
He called yesterday! We all talked to him, even my little man! His very first phone conversation! He has just recently learned from his sister to hold the toy phones up to his ear.
Princess will hold a toy phone to her ear and pretend to talk to her brother and he will do the same, but usually does not make any noise when holding the phone.
When Daddy was on the phone I was holding Little Man and I held the phone up to his ear. At first he just listened then he made a few noises, including saying "Da Da", then he listened some more. He had the cutest grin on his face the whole time!
We have tried to get him to talk to grandparents on the phone before with no luck. Usually he would either push the phone away or try to get the buttons on the phone.
Princess also talked to Daddy, she would talk to him for hours on end if I let her. What can I say, she is a jabber-mouth. She is going to be paying her own phone bill when she is a teenager...

Mrs. Marine



  1. Sweet about your little boy! My daughter is 14 months and when my husband called last week I was talking to him, sitting on the couch and she was standing in front of me sand said "Da Da?" so she got to talk to him and she was jabbering away!


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