Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kill the alarm clock...

I hate getting up in the morning. I have never liked getting up in the morning. I want to wake up when my body decides to wake up, not when the alarm (or child) goes off. But, alas, parents don't get that luxury, at least not until the kids are out of the house.
I am a "snooze, snooze, snooze button pusher". Drives hubby crazy because he is the opposite. His alarm goes off once if even that and he is up and out of bed. Not me, I have to hit snooze over and over and over again. The first few times I hit it I'm not even fully aware that I'm doing it. I know I am not getting more sleep by hitting snooze, falling asleep for 5 minutes is not doing me any good but I don't know how to make myself get up. I would like to be more like my hubby and be able to set the alarm for 6:00 and be up by 6:10. I just don't work that way.

Mrs. Marine



  1. I'm the exact same way. My alarm clock goes off the first time at 6:10, which is really 6:00 real time b/c my alarm clock is 10 min fast. I'm usually up by 6:33 clock time (6:23 real time) which gives me 7 minutes to get through the shower to begin prepping in hopes of making it out the door by 7:11 car time, which is 7:08 real time, which is late in all time.

    My husband just shakes his head at me and listens when I gripe about running late.

    I'm what I am and there ain't no changing me.

  2. That's the same way here in our house. It must be a military thing.

    DH gets so upset when I run the snooze button for almost the entire hour.

    I wish I was more of a morning person, but I don't think that'll ever happen.

    By the way, you've been tagged with an award. Come on by Confessions of a Baltimore Housewife to pick it up.

  3. i hate alarms too. im a terrible snoozer! i never get up on the time i set. its always 5 more mins!

  4. we are so alike!! LOL! if i get up too early and dont have enuff sleep, my eyes would be opened but my brain is still sleeping..


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