Friday, September 26, 2008

I saved a turtle yesterday, killed a spider today

OK, so I may or may not have killed the spider, but I did destroy his web.

Yesterday it rained all day long. Yuck, its dreary. I don't mind a good storm but when it lasts all day, blah.
About the turtle, as I was driving down my street going to pick up Princess from school I noticed something in the road that was moving. I pulled up next to it and saw a turtle in the middle of the road. I wonder how it got there and what it was doing there besides taking a shower in the rain. But I didn't want it to get ran over, I couldn't leave him there. So, in the pouring rain, I got out of my car, picked up the turtle and put him in the grass on the side of the road (I wonder if any of the neighbors saw me and wondered what the hell I was doing in the rain?). The turtle started walking away and I assume crawled under the nearby bush to get out of the rain. It wasn't a tiny turtle either, it was the size of my hand. As soon as I approached him he pulled his head inside his shell to hide. I like turtles. I had a pet turtle once when I was little. His name was Snigglefritz.

The spider:
Trash pick-up was yesterday and in all the rain I never bothered to bring in my trash cans so I had to go get them this morning. As I walked out to the curb I noticed a big spider (the size of my thumb print) that at first glance seemed to be suspended in mid air. The spider had made a web between my trash can and my mail box. Which was a good two feet apart, and there was a ditch full of water below. Not a smart spider. So in order to get my trash can I had to knock down the web, and I did not want him living on my mailbox either. The spider may have fallen into the water, I don't know. I don't really care as long as he leaves my house. I DO NOT LIKE SPIDERS. Especially ones any bigger than a spec, the bigger they are the more I dislike them.

Mrs. Marine


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  1. With all the rain and strange weather lately, I've been finding LOTS of spiders inside my house.

    I consider myself to be remarkably tolerant of insects... but I definitely have my limits. This is one of them. I don't mind spiders living in their natural habit. But I REALLY DON'T LIKE spiders living in MY natural habitat!


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