Sunday, September 14, 2008

Honey-Do Rental

I borrowed my friends husband today (don't let your mind slip into the gutter).
The weakling that I am I cant start our lawn mower. Although even if I could with my two kids I have no way to get out there and do it. Even if I went out at 6:00 AM when my kids were still asleep (which I would not be happy that early in the morning). The noise of the lawn mower and my silly German Sheppard who likes to bark at lawn mowers would wake up my son. Princess is old enough she could entertain herself in her room for a while but Little Man would get mad if he was woken up.

So I called up Honey-Do Rentals and my friends husband is in my back yard mowing my lawn, cutting my grass, however you want to put it (Again, don't fall in the gutter). I am paying him money because I wouldn't let him do it for free and I am giving him two beers my husband left in the fridge, I am not a beer drinker. I cant leave them in my fridge for 7 months...

Mrs. Marine



  1. I'd bet he feels good about being able to help.

  2. That's how it's supposed to be.

    The week my husband left for Iraq, my neighbor's husband comes knocking on the door telling me his wife told him to come over to see if I needed help with anything.

    He had a list written down. HaHa!

    It was the funniest thing ever. You could tell he honestly didn't feel like helping but, his wife made him so, he had no choice. HaHa.

  3. My hubby was in the Navy for 20 years, so I can relate!

  4. I love that you gave him beer to. I think you're pretty enterprising!


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