Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kids vs Peas

Who likes peas? All alone that is; I don't mind them mixed with other things but I would not eat them by themselves.
Funny story popped in my head today from many years ago. Long before I became a mother.

One summer when I was in High School I worked at a little day care center. Oddly enough my sister and I had gone to that day care when we were little and the same owner was still there, he remembered me... But that's not the point of my story.

During lunch I would sit at one of the little tables with the 2 year old kids. The rule was they had to finish everything on their plate before they could get seconds. At which point they would raise there hand for seconds.

One day as I was watching all the children I noticed the little girl across from me had her hand in the air waiting for seconds. Her little head was tilted to the side and she had a guilty look on her face. I looked at her plate and she had placed her other hand on her plate to hide the pile of peas she did not want to eat.
She thought she could hide the peas and still get seconds. It worked, the other teacher dishing out the seconds also saw what she was doing, but it was too cute, so we let her get away with it.
Gotta give her credit for trying right....

Mrs. Marine


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  1. Me? I love peas, as does my six year old daughter. The trick? Eat fresh peas, just off the vine. Find a good farmers market in the late spring or early summer and get some fresh peas like that.

    If you do it right, you can freeze them and they are great that way too.

    However, buying peas from a major food corporation where the peas are grown and Minnesota and shipped across the country, well, those peas are horrible.

    Beyond that, it is a waste of fuel to ship peas across the country when you can find much better peas grown locally.


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