Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Miss Daddy...

Hubby left on deployment last week for 7 months....
Princess tells me at least once if not several times a day that she misses daddy. And although he can not express it I know Little Man misses daddy too.
The first night daddy was gone as I was getting Little Man ready for bed he was looking around the room for his daddy. I was holding him in my arms and he kept looking around the room, towards the dining room searching. I carried him into his bed room and he began to cry.
Little Man and Daddy have developed a bed time routine over the last few weeks. I get him ready for bed and then we go give daddy hugs, kisses and smiles and say goodnight.
When he didn't see daddy and didn't get his goodnight hugs he got upset. I wanted to cry too. Every night since he is still looking around the room but has not cried again.

I don't know which of us this deployment is going to be harder on. Myself, Princess, or Little Man.
I understand the deployment and the length of time, but that doesn't mean I like it or that its easy on me in any way. I really hate that Hubby will not be here for Christmas...
With Princess I explained to her the best I could that Daddy was leaving again and would be gone a long time. She has her own calendar and I showed her what day daddy will be home. She X's off every day that goes by. I have also marked on the calendar which are weekend days so she knows which days are school days. She enjoys having her calendar. Also whenever she gets a sticker at school she puts it on the calendar for the day.
My poor Little Man does not understand why Daddy has vanished. I wonder and worry how he will react when Daddy returns? Will he remember him? I think he will but I also think he will be mad at daddy and want nothing to do with him at first. But that would work in Princess favor. Because once Daddy is home she will be all over him. Daddy Daddy Daddy, do this, do that, watch me... etc., etc.
I have no choice but to deal with it and move on. Keep a happy face and try not to let it get me down. Its not like this is the first deployment we have had. It's the 6th....
But that doesn't make it any easier. The last long deployment we had was 4 years ago, Princess was too young to remember and my son wasn't born yet.
Well, you know what they say:
Military Spouse - The Hardest Job in the Military

Mrs. Marine



  1. I hope the time flies by!

    This is very true:

    Military Spouse - The Hardest Job in the Military

  2. Lots of love and patience going out to you and your little ones. We're at the tail end of a 3 monther - but I did the 7 month one when Xander was around age two. NOW he's all "I miss Daddy" every day. He bums me out - so I can understand what you are going thru with your kids. We've been coloring pictures for Daddy, making care packages and printing out photos to hang on Xander's wall (he's 3 now). It helps a little.

  3. my dad is a retired military official. when he was still in active service, he too would be gone away from home for months. it was hard for my mom, who had to take care of us her five children, while yearning to be with her husband again. i hope you keep on finding the strength to keep yourself sane while missing your other half. :)

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  5. Wow I can't believe he's on his 6th deployment! My husband just hit the 5 year mark this past July. He has only been deployed twice. We just had our daughter in June, so I can only imagine how much harder that's going to make his next deployment. Good luck and thanks for the comment.

  6. That is truly a heart wrenching story! I know your family will make it through these times because of your husband's bravery.


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  7. Very heartfelt post, honestly I can't even imagine being in your shoes. Many hugs.

  8. I hope that things are settling into a happy routine for you. You'll be in my prayers.

    P.S. Welcome to the Milblogging family!


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