Monday, August 11, 2008

I love Cloth Diapers!

I have been using my Bum Genius One-Size cloth diapers for a week now and I love them!
I have 14 diapers, so I wash them every other day. I could get more and not have to wash as often, but then I think the smell would set in more, and I don't mind doing the wash that often.
Here are a few little tips I have come up with:
For a diaper pail; I bought a medium sized trash can with a pop-up lid and two large white pillow cases to use as can liners. The pillow cases fit the trash can great and I can wash them in with the diapers!
I bought a small squirt bottle for $0.99 and I make my own "but wash" using a squirt of baby wash and fill the bottle with water. (I open the diaper, squirt some on him and some on the cloth wipe, diaper goes in the pail and I wipe him down). I keep my cloth wipes (unfolded) in a stack on his dresser next to the changing table for easy access.
I have designated a pair of rubber gloves as my "diaper gloves". I don't really want to touch the wet diapers or inserts as I take them apart to wash, so I wear gloves and wash them with dish soap when I'm done. They hang by the washing machine and I even wrote "diaper" on them with a marker so hubby wouldn't grab them and use them for something else.

I will probably still use disposable diapers on a rare occasion. If were ever going to be out all day I would rather be able to throw away a dirty diaper then have to carry it with me for several hours. Also if my son ever had bad diarrhea I will definitely use disposables then.
Other than that I am a "cloth diapering momma". I have yet to have a single leak, even at night. Which at night I double up and use Hemp Babies Bigger Weeds and a infant size insert. Which was recommended by moms on several different message boards. (The Bum Genius One-Size diaper comes with both a infant size insert and a one-size insert) I have 3 Hemp Babies.
One more tip: The diapers are available in pink, blue, green, yellow and white. Because I have a boy I obviously did not get any pink, LOL. I have 4 each of blue, green and yellow and 2 white. Since I double up at night I use the white diapers for night time. That way its easy to know without even touching them which one is doubled. I can tell my husband, put on the white diaper before bed. And when stuffing diapers after washing I remember to double stuff the white ones.
Its easier for me that way. Cloth diapers are great! I only wish I would have discovered them sooner. Better late then never.

Mrs. Marine



  1. I know that it is the environmental way to go and better for the babies skin but the thought of washing those diapers after food is introduced just grosses me out.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I've considered cloth diapering if we have another baby...

  3. You are so much braver then I am! Hopefully I won't have diapers on this one much longer. Will have to really think about it on the next one, though!


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