Friday, August 08, 2008

Did you miss me?

So sorry for the disappearing act. I got sick and hubby has been on pre-deployment leave and I haven't had a chance to get in front of the computer until now.
I hate getting sick. It so unfair, Hubby is the fly-by-night Motel for germs. They check in, maybe they ruffle the bed sheets a little and leave a wet towel on the floor. Then they check out. He is sick 2 days tops. NOT ME.
I am the luxury fancy shmancy resort for germs. They check in and never want to leave. They jump on the bed, trash the room, raid the mini-bar, dirty up all the towels, order room service. Then they invite all their friends over and throw a party.... It sucks. I still have a slight cough and runny nose.

Anyway. Like my germ analogy?
Hubby is deploying again in a few days for 7 months..... I am now using cloth diapers all the time! I love them, there great (I will post more about that soon). My son has two new nick names, cushy tushy and bubble but (only at night). LOL.

Mrs. Marine


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  1. :( I hate being sick. But I loved your analogy here - I'm the in-beween, hanging around, thinking if they want to hang out our not, deciding to stay, but haven't kicked their feet up during the whole week.

    Or 2. Or 3.

    lol - hope you are feeling better soon. TGIF!


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