Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Confession

Yesterday on the way home from school my daughter was telling me about her day and how she was given two treats for being a good girl at school.
Then out of nowhere she tells me that she also had gotten a sucker the day before. And after we had gotten home that day she snuck it out of her back-pack and hid in her closet and ate it. Then proceeded to hide the wrapper and stick, under a bear in her room.

"You What!" And her reasoning for sneaking the sucker was because she was afraid I would make something for dinner she didn't like (hence she wouldn't eat all her dinner) and would not get to eat the sucker after dinner. (She is a VERY picky eater)

I was quite shocked that she would do such a thing. But she did confess to doing it as well, so I decided not to punish her. But explained how it is not OK to sneak food, or hide trash in her room. And she knew it was wrong.
Now I know why she wanted to play in her room when we got home that day. She was "playing" quietly so I didn't question it. Now I know why....
I am afraid of the day she becomes a teenager. My husband wants to lock her in her room until she's 30. LOL.

Mrs. Marine



  1. Lol, LET him lock her in the room, if he doesn't, get rid of the phones!! I have a 17 year old daughter and I swear I'd like to lock her up for at least 20 years. between her friends and the boys calling i'm going grey!

  2. i love that she told you. keep the door of communication wide open! i love this.

  3. Excellent on communication! :) My daughter is 19 now and no matter how much crud we went to she communicated! :)

    too cute!

  4. By not overreacting you are building the foundation for easier teen years. Good job!


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