Monday, July 21, 2008

You know your an obsessed blogger when:

You take a picture of a bowl of Bing Cherries to post on your blog. I don't know why, I just decided to take the picture just so I could post it. Who doesn't love Cherries?

I went to the store yesterday and they had Bing Cherries - YUM. So I bought some. There Hubby's favorite! Neither of us have had any in years, I don't recall buying any last summer. Princess likes them too. Its a pain in rear having to cut the seeds out so she can eat them though.

Mrs. Marine



  1. I love cherries too. Great picture!

  2. Me too. LOL - blogging can become addicting very fast.

  3. i am ADDICTED TOO!

    i completely UNDERSTAND :)

  4. LOL, there is a Meme this would work for called Ruby Tuesdays. Let me know if you want me to link you to the master site.
    We love our bing cherries, the Door County cherries here in WI suffered though from our excessive rain and screwy weather.

  5. delish! (And a very pretty picture, as well...)


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