Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Whats new on the Homefront

Daddy has been "Home" from deployment for almost a month now. Notice the quotes, well he's not deployed anymore but he has not actually been home much. He has been doing training the last two weeks so he is gone all week long and home Friday night through Sunday night. In what little time he is home he has been bombarded with homework and finals. Along with trying to squeeze in a moment with our demanding daughter. He has two more weeks of training.
Luckily his classes are now over so this weekend should be better. Not to mention he has Friday and Monday off for Independence Day.

Anyway. Princess starts school again in 25 days, she has a countdown. She's going to a year round school. I bought all her school clothes the other day. Uniforms, quite interesting, I wonder what she will say when she goes to school and everyone is dressed the same. They wont be exactly the same. The uniforms are pretty basic, not like a private school uniform. Bottoms are khaki or navy and basic solid color polo shirt. They can also wear plaid skirts but I cant seem to find one in her size for under $30. That's way too much for a skirt that she will grow out of in a year.
Little man is "cruising" along all the furniture, I'm still waiting for that first step, he is getting there.
I'm gonna go stir crazy in the house. It's weird to go from leaving every day taking Princess to school, to hardly going anywhere but the backyard. Next summer should be better because Little Man will be older and we can do more activities.

Mrs. Marine



  1. She will whine and complain about uniforms and when she has kids in school she will wish they had to wear them.

    12 years in a uniform myself and 3 kids in public school now. It is amazing how much time and money they save in the long run.

  2. yes there has been a long debate , whether uniforms wipe off from schools . But yes this simple thing do save lot of money .

  3. i think all schools should require uniforms, it saves time, money and distractions!


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