Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Question I have been waiting for

My daughter is 5 and my son is 1.
Recently I started giving them baths together. So much easier, it saves time and water and they have fun together.
On there first bath together my daughter finally asked the question I have been waiting to hear (it took her over a year).
"Mommy, why does my brother have that (pointing) sticking out and I don't?"

You all know "what" she is referring too. Well, I told her its because he is a boy and I use the anatomically correct names for the parts.
She then asked:
"Does George (friends little brother - I changed the name) have one"
"But Daddy doesn't"
"Yes he does, daddy is a boy too"
"Oh OK"

That was it. It has not been brought up again. I just hope she is not one of those kids that feels the need to announce her and her brothers body parts in public....

Mrs. Marine



  1. When I tried to explain this to my son, he insisted that his sister must have had one that fall somewhere.

  2. My brother and I are almost four years apart and I am the older. I do remember some of our baths together but I don't remember asking that question. I will have to ask my Mom about that. Sounds like you handled it superbly!

  3. I too bathe my kids together (girl 3, boy 18 months). She has asked me this also and our discussion pretty much mirrored yours. She asked about the boys in her class and about her father too. She also argued with that her dad doesn't have one. Her curiousity was more about standing to pee though.


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