Thursday, July 03, 2008

Over analyzing Cartoons, again.

I did a post about this back in March and it got such a great responce I had to do it again. Here is the previous post if you missed it: Parents, Do You Ever Overanalyze Cartoons?

Have you seen Higglytown Heroes on playhouse Disney?
The storyline is wonderful; it’s all about the heroes all around us every day, from a Doctor to an electrician, or a mail carrier. It’s great.

What bugs me is the actual characters in the show, the "people". First off they have no legs. Or fingers which isn’t that big a deal. But for the most part their arms are not visible unless they are using them. Otherwise their arms just mold into their body and disappear.... Their hands are always at the same position on their body when not in use. Do you know what I mean?
It's a little weird if you pay attention to it when watching the show.

Secondly, they are able to pull objects out from inside their body. That’s just not right. The body opens up at the waist and they pull out an object. I have seen one of the parents pull out a vacuum. Hello!? That’s a little weird.

Also, there is a talking squirrel..... Who is usually a babysitter. They can go to the park as long as Fran (the squirrel) is with them. There not old enough to go to the park without an adult.
I personally would not trust my kids with a squirrel. LOL.
I know, I'm a little crazy. I got to entertain myself somehow. I like Higglytown Heroes.



  1. The whole "putting things inside themselves" was too freaky for me...but worse was on one episode, when they jumped into each other (okay, I REALIZE they are NESTING DOLLS...but SHEESH!)...ooky!

  2. When my kids were small I overprotected I think now. Kids are kids, they run, roll, punch, laugh and do it some more. Finally I figured out that cartoons that were just cartoons would be fine. South Beach is another story!

  3. Higgleytown is great, except for the things you mentioned. I guess that since they are nesting dolls...and Fran. Fran is interesting...

  4. If they dont laugh , punch and do all alient activities , who will call them kids? I think its time to give kids their space .

  5. Hi - I am new to your blog.
    What caught me was you being a military wife - while I am not, my sister is. I grew up in the military life though so I have MUCH respect for it!

    I like this post - Higgleytown Heros is one of my son's most favorite cartoons!! Yes, it is a bit strange, but he loves it... And I agree about Fran the squirrel - she is something else. She's a bit negative - next time you watch listen how she always shoots down every idea that Twinkle has...
    Great blog you have!!

    I am at

  6. This is to funny because I was thinking the same thing when my son started watching higgleytown -
    a little wierd, hard to get into, but he does love it so!

    Just found your blog and love it!
    I to am a Military wife with 2 kids -- the hubby currently in Afghanistan....and life goes on with a little piece missing everyday!


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