Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm converting to Cloth Diapers

I know, some of you are thinking I'm crazy and maybe those of you who have used them are cheering me on.
This all started on Tuesday I came across a post on Posh Mama about cloth diapers. I was intrigued! I did more and more searching on ALL the different types of cloth diapers out there and read lots of forms and reviews. I have finally decided to try the BumGenius 3.0 One Size Cloth Diaper. I order two for now to try them out but I am already convinced that I will love them and I will be ordering more and converting to cloth diapers and wipes.
One of the BG diapers is $17.95 which is a lot. But, I did the guesstimated math, we could easily spend $1800 if not more, on disposable diapers and wipes for the rest of my sons diapering life. Or I could spend about $300 on reusable cloth diapers and wipes.
Hmm, I think I choose the cheaper route. Yes, I will have to wash them, but that's easy. There are very detailed washing instructions on the BumGenius web site.

NOT TO MENTION, its SO much better for the environment. I am not throwing them away where they will sit in a land fill for the next 250-500 years......

O-yea, and I also stumbled across Baby Cheapskate, there having a Giveaway: 12 bumGenius 3.0 Diapers (a $200 value). I of course entered the contest!

Mrs. Marine



  1. I actually used cloth with my first 16 years ago, and had we had our own washing machine would have stuck with it, I applaud all who do this and there are great options now in the cloth diaper world.

  2. Good for you!

    I am almost done with diapers... well, as soon as my little Princess decides to use the potty!

  3. Good for you! My daughter used cloth diapers and was potty trained early because of that. I had to use cloth because she had mild rashes with disposables. Her skin can breath more with cloth. She pooped in the potty at 6 months and learned to use the potty on her own at 1.

  4. I did cloth with my first two. It really is easier than people think. Good for you for giving it a try.

  5. I'm all for anything that saves the environment. We only have one Mother earth and it's up to us to take care of her.

  6. I just bought 4 bumGenius 3.0 and I like them so far. The prefolds, though more economical, are a bit bulky.

    I was surprised at how easy it has been. Just extra laundry.

    And really, since they are one size, just think of how many packages of diapers will be replaced by one $17.95 diaper.

  7. I love my BG's--although we have the 2.0's. I got two of them on sale when the 3.0's came out and the rest I bought used from a friend. They have performed well and the best part is they look nice enough on my daughter that she doesn't have to wear bloomers over them if she's wearing a dress. Can't do that with disposables! I got them because I love the idea of buying diapers once and using them from newborn to toddler. This way, when we have another baby we will have all we need. There won't be a need to store away diapers that are the wrong size; they will all just work! Good luck with the CD'ing!


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