Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hubby got me sick....

I have been feeling icky all week. Hence my absence. I have post in my head I have been wanting to write buy I just haven't had the energy to do so.
Princess started school and I got my BumGenius cloth diapers. I am also going to attempt to potty train my cat. Ha ha, I know I sound crazy. I will post about it all soon.
Right now my couch is calling my name.... But first I need a tissue and a cough drop... I hate being sick. And of course this cold only lasted 2 days with hubby but they like to stick around with me. Its so unfair.

Mrs. Marine



  1. And if your husband is anything like mine, he'll think you are "not as sick" as he stay home moms need to still function and take care of the family no matter how bad we feel! Hubbys can sit around and cry all day! LOL

  2. I know! Stay-Home Dad Here. Isn't that cruddy. My wife works in the public sector, where people high five, shake hands and etc. i can see why Donald Trump doesn't shake hands publicly. Thanks for dropping ur card.

    Regards, Matt

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  3. Hope you feel better soon. I hate being sick Sending you some "virtual" chicken soup.

  4. Hope you feel better soon. I have been having allergy probs all weekend. :( No fun!

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