Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Loud Narrator A.K.A. My Daughter - update

My daughter, who's 5, is the household narrator. She narrates EVERYTHING she sees, hears and what everyone is doing. All the time. She always has a story to tell. Her "inside voice" is LOUD, shes yelling all the time.
So she is constantly talking and constantly yelling.

Narrator example:

My son could be in my lap and have the hiccups. She says to me:
"Mommy, my brother has the hiccups" (I already knew that, hes in my lap)

Today at lunch while eating pineapple she says:
"I'm eating my pineapple"
"I have 3 pieces left"
"I have 2 pieces left"
"I have 1 pieces left"

Every word that comes out of her mouth is LOUD.
I tell her constantly, lower your voice, quiet down please, shhhhh. I don't know how to make her stop Yelling at everyone. I have used her loud voice back at her to give her an example of how she sounds to everyone. Didn't work, she's still LOUD. She just doesn't get it. I don't know what to do to make her quiet down.

Any suggestions?

(update June 26)
Thanks for all your comments and suggestions.
I have tried ignoring her and it does not work. She will continue to repeat herself or ask "did you hear me mommy?" I have also made her say things again in a quiet voice. And majority of them time when she says something to me I response in a whisper. She also seems to think that I need to response to EVERYTHING she says. When half the time with the random things she says the only response I can give is "OK".

She definitely does not have any hearing loss. I have whispered to her from another room while her brother is making noise and she hears me.

Mrs. Marine



  1. Okay, I have no idea about parenting or anything like that but perhaps if you ignore her when she is talking loudly and after a while say "I won't have a conversation with you until you stop hurting my ears. When you talk quietly, I will listen to you and we can talk."

  2. Patience is the only thing I can suggest. My son is just about to turn 6 and miraculously he has started to be quieter on his own. I think this loud narrator thing is just a childhood phase.

  3. Hi there!
    Lol, I have a 7 year old who is still on the loud side. Curious thing I've noticed is when you start talking slow and quietly, they will tend to follow suit. Maybe you could give that a try. Good luck, hopefully she outgrows this soon.

  4. Is it possible that she might have hearing loss?

  5. Ha, ha, ha! We need to get our kids 4 year old is just like that.

    I like to say about him, "He wakes up at sunrise and starts talking...and he has only one volume: LOUD". My husband (I think he's going deaf, honestly) doesn't think he's that loud. And my son does the exact same thing as your daughter..."I have only 4 pieces left", etc.

    Tell me...does your daughter also constantly repeat phrases until someone pays attention? I was reading ljp's comment about ignoring, but in our case, it doesn't work because he will just keep saying it over and over, louder and louder, until he his acknowledged. I've tried to ignore him...he went a full half hour repeating his phrase. He's nothing if not tenacious!

  6. I agree, I think that maybe ignore her until she lowers her voice and after awhile I think she will get the point.


  7. I guess you and I just have to wait and hope that our kids will eventually learn that "inside voice" technique.

    What gets me more is that my son will talk in a low quiet voice in the CAR. I can't hear him half the time so I have to get him to speak up. He too does not have hearing issues.


  8. does she goes to school? if she does, you can ask for help from the teacher by explaining to her what a loud voice is.

    if she's not yet going to school, maybe it's how she wants attention.

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