Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Selfish Parents

There is a mom at my daughters school who really irritates me. She is flat out selfish. Her needs come before her child's (it should be the other way around). I don't understand why she even enrolled her child in preschool because it is not a priority to her to bring her child to school. She keeps her home for no reason at all. She has admitted to myself and another mom that she didn't bring her child to school because she didn't want to get out of bed. She is just so lax about the whole school situation. A while ago she went out of town with her child and she missed a full two weeks of school, just because.?? I just don't get some parents. It makes me mad. I'm surprised she has not gotten in trouble. Legally a child is only allowed to miss a certain number of days. I think because its preschool she will get away with it. Because the truancy laws only apply from 5 to 18 years of age. I think it should be 4 years. I think children should be required to be in some kind of preschool program weather at a daycare or a school or even home schooled. And I have heard that in some areas preschool is not offered for free and it should be.

Mrs. Marine



  1. I don't know where you are located...but I wish we had free preschool. We don't. Heck, even kindergarten is NOT mandatory for kids here...AND, even though they switched to full day last year, if a parent doesn't want to keep their child in full day, they don't HAVE to. I see that as detrimental to a child...that they will fall behind and miss some things (although, granted, they DO have nap/rest time scheduled in there due to the long day).

    When we were in Augusta, GA they had a lottery-funded Pre-K...but still didn't have enough slots for ALL kids...each school participating had about 20 slots. You had to go apply for whatever schools you wanted and they did a drawing to select the kids. Some folks hedged their bets and applied at several different schools, turning down the slots at the less desirable school if they got the one they wanted. One mom I knew had a different issue. She had triplets. She applied to 3 different preschools. In one school 2 of the 3 girls got chosen. In another, it was the same, 2 of 3, but not the same 2 as before. The other school, she only got 1 slot...and again, it was one of the 2 that had been chosen. She was devastated. She had to beg and plead with the school system to allow all 3 to go to one school. It would have been nearly impossible for her to get them to separate schools...and then how to explain to the one who couldn't go with her sisters? The school wouldn't budge, but one woman graciously offered to give up her slot, ONLY on the condition that the 3rd daughter be the one for that slot. The school relented.

    I am going to be paying $175 a month for preschool next fall. There are only 5 "certified" preschools here (not the "Mama Jo's daycare and preschool" type). They are closing one of them down this year. Slots are HARD to come by. I had my son on 2 waiting lists all of last year. He got bumped because he is a boy (posted about this on my blog). But luckily, we are getting in. And bless them for offering a military rate...otherwise, I'd be paying $275/month for 5 days, or $225/month for 4 days a week.

    As for the selfish mom...she's taking up a slot for a child who might need it more. Since she is not paying, I guess that sucks even more. Of course, if they offer preschool to ALL kids, and there's no waiting list, then I guess she'll reap what she sows.

    I'm facing the dilemma of having to pull my son one day a month due to other obligations where I just will not be able to swing preschool and my meeting at the same time. I am hoping my friend will be willing to help out and take him on that day so that I won't have to pull him.

  2. Not every 4 year old needs school. Heck, not every 5 year old does.

    My son went to 2.5 hours of pre school 4 days a week and one day a week I was there with him.

    It was more than enough.

    They have their whole lives for school, learning to line up and raise their hands.

    I'm all for kids coloring outside the lines.

  3. There's FREE preschool here in my town. For a family of four, you cannot make more than $1000/month.

    How a family of four (in this town) can live on $1000/month baffles me.

    I applied for the military funding, they awarded me a whopping $50/month subsidy. The rate for preschool is $734/month.

    Catch me before I faint. Thanks.

  4. I also meant to add, I am very disappointed to hear of this mom abusing the system. There a many more children in the world that could benefit from a preschool like the one your princess attends.

  5. I don't really know much about preschool programs and what not...but I do know my kids. My two older went the 'typical' route - my two younger the not-so-typical. We actually didn't start 'sit down' school with our youngest until he was nearly 7. No, he couldn't read - he couldn't even sing the ABC song (I didn't teach the ABCs with him - we started right in on phonics). Anyway - he is now reading at a 6th grade level at 8 years old.

    Prior to 'sit down school' all the children learned through regular daily living. Counting steps, counting buttons, naming the color of the laundry items as we folded, cooking, setting the table (patterns!), etc. etc.

    How much more could your child learn with you than away from you? You'd be surprised, I know I was when we decided to bring them home.



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