Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Horrible Day....

I took my son to a Dr. appointment yesterday. It was a specialist Dr. so we had to go somewhere different that was about 27 miles from home. I had been there once before with my husband. Well, if he had been with me yesterday the day would have been soooo much better.

I got lost. Really really lost. No idea even now exactly where I was. I had my MapQuest directions and I didn't have a problem getting there. But on the way home I hadn't gotten very far when I missed my turn. No biggie, I turned around and went back. Took the turn I missed. Then somehow I was not going the right way. I pulled over onto a side street, OOPS, I was going the wrong way on a one way street... I looked at my map book (that is always in my car) and (I think) and found out where I was and where I needed to go.
That didn't work I got more lost and turned around. Pulled into a gas station to ask for directions. A nice old man told me to follow him he was going to the highway I needed. So I did. Got on the highway and drove for quite a while. Came to a split in the highway, left or right. I didn't know and guessed, WRONG. Wrong way again. I was so upset and frustrated by this point, not to mention I really had to pee.... Stopped at a McDonald's that was in a city that was south of where I stared from and I should have been moving north...... Used the bathroom and got directions AGAIN. Which finally got going in the right direction. But I still wasn't sure. I think I just ended up so far out of the way that it seemed to take forever to get back. I stopped for the third time to get directions and I had been on the right highway.
What should have took about 30 minutes to get home ended up taking over 2 hours.....

Luckily my little man was a trouper the whole way. He fell asleep a few times but was very good. And I made it back just in time to pick-up Princess from school.

So, I am sure you guessed by now I am not good with directions. I have never been that lost before. I have gotten turned around but I can usually look at my map and figure out where I need to go and then Im fine. Normally I have my MapQuest directions and I dont have a problem. I dont know what hapened yesterday.
I don't ever want to do that again. I hate highways here. They were so much simpler back home.

Mrs. Marine


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  1. I'm pretty good with directions, but I hate having to print out directions all the time. I got one of the cheaper versions of the Garmin GPS, and it is awesome! No having to read directions and drive at the same time, I rarely miss a turn and if I do it just recalculates and takes me a different way. It's made my life soooooo much easier. Best investment I ever made. (I think I spent $125 or so)


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