Sunday, May 18, 2008

Finally a Lazy Day...

Thanks to everyone who visited my blog during the Mommyfest Blog Party!

The party's and birthdays are finally over and we can just hang out today. Its been a busy week. I didn't mention before that last Monday night I had to go to my daughters Kindergarten registration at her new school. Wednesday for Princess's birthday I took cupcakes and goodie bags to school and that evening there was a school performance. So I went back and forth from her school 4 times that day. Friday was Little Man's birthday and I made him a cake that day which he got to eat and then had a bath, took a nap then opened his presents that evening. Saturday was the Birthday Party with friends from school. We all had fun! It was my daughters first party with friends.
Not to mention because the party was here at my house I had to get it nice and clean.
I'm tired. But it was fun (not the cleaning part).
I wish Daddy had been here...

Mrs. Marine


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  1. What a great week for birthdays! Hope yours was as fun as ours!


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