Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What we did on Vacation

It was great to see our family and friends. I am never traveling with my two kids by myself again. At least not until their much, much older, late teens, maybe 30's. LOL.
So the traveling part was exhausting but we had a good time once I had sleep.
Saturday April 5th was my birthday so my sister had a party for me!
Monday night I turned off Mom Mode and went to dinner with a friend and her husband (whom I had never met). We went to Chipotle, Mmmmm so good, I miss Chipotle. I don't have near home.
Thursday we were supposed to go birthday shopping but it SNOWED, yuck, so we decided to stay inside.
Friday was the best, we went to the Children's Museum! It was so much fun, Princess really enjoyed herself and had a good time. There was even a room just for babies and toddlers so Little Man roamed free! He loved it, he could crawl wherever he wanted it was all safe for him.
Saturday we had the long flights back home and were 30 minutes late getting in. By time we got near the house it was after 8 pm so I picked up McDonald's for dinner, And we had to wait and extra 10 minutes until our chicken was ready - So much for "Fast" food.
Now were back to our usual routine....

Mrs. Marine


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  1. You just described my typical weekend...LOL


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