Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday Toot: Go Paperless - Unpacked

This is my first Tuesday Toot and I have two toots today! LOL
First, and I challenge everyone to follow my lead if you have not done this already:
GO PAPERLESS (paperless billing). Get all your bill statements online. You're reading this so you obviously have Internet access. Do it, whats your excuse not too. Less paper to deal with, less mail and clutter. And most importantly - It's better for the environment. By the way, I also Recycle. Toot Toot!

Second, we got home from vacation late Saturday night. I hate packing, hate unpacking more. I usually put off the unpacking for several days. Well I'm glad to say I finished it all on Sunday - The next day! I was proud of myself. Toot Toot!

Mrs. Marine



  1. I'm almost there with paperless billing.

  2. i think that is interesting but honestly i guess i still need to think it over a lot (paperless billing)

  3. Awesome - I often times procrastinate in unpacking - glad you didn't. As for going paperless - that's one thing I definitely need to do. my house is drowning in paper bills!


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