Sunday, April 27, 2008

Princess got excepted to a Magnet School!!!!!

I am so exited!
Last month Princess went in for testing at an Elementary Magnet School. We got a letter in the mail yesterday, she got excepted! The end of July she will be going there for Kindergarten! It's a year round school and they wear uniforms. Both of those concepts are foreign to me but I like the idea of both. As long as there is a skirt option Princess wont care about the clothes. - She would wear a dress/skirt every day if I let her. - And all in all I think year round school is better. She gets 6 weeks off for summer break (instead of 3 months). And the spring and winter breaks two weeks each.
Also, her friend got excepted too! Our friends I should say. I am friends with her best friends mom. It works out great! Its so funny it happened that way. Me and the other mom both take our kids to and from school. We started chatting while we waited and became friends.
Anyway, its a great school and I am so exited! I told Princess and she thought her and her friend were going to her new school today. Silly little girl.

Mrs. Marine


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  1. Congratulatons to your Princess!!!
    Sounds like she's going to LOVE school.


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