Thursday, March 13, 2008

Proper Blogger Etiquette

Can someone answer this question because I'm not really sure and I would not want anyone to think I'm rude.
What is proper blogger etiquette with comments? Especially when someone asks you a question and doesn't leave their email address?
Are you supposed to comment-back on their blog? How do you answer a question if they don't leave an email address? You cant just answer the question on one of their random posts on their blog? Or do I comment on my own post to answer their question?
And what is the thing all about? I have seen it on several other blogs, how does that work?

Thanks to everyone who comments on this.

Mrs. Marine



  1. everyone does it differently, I think....

    If someone asks me a question on my blog, I will go to their blog and comment on their top-most post in this manner: "Hi XXXX, thanks for visiting my blog today! you asked about such-and-such, and since I had no way of contacting you, I'll answer it here".

    Often, when I comment on a post, particularly if I've asked a question or said something I am sure will generate additional comments, I go back to the post (if I can actually remember it!) to read comments and the blog owners often comment to their readers there as well.

    I try to take the time to personally thank all the commentors I have (I don't have a huge following, Thank GOD!), by going to their blogs and telling them thanks.

    with regards to the UComment/IFollow...this is what I found:

    doesnt' make any sense to me, but hey....whatever works, right!

  2. this is a great question. if i ask you a question, i always come back to see what the answer was but, most of the time, you've already emailed me the answer :)


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