Monday, March 17, 2008

Parents, Do You Ever Overanalyze Cartoons?

I know, sounds a little crazy, but my husband and I both do this and we can’t be the only ones.
All parents have to sit through the silly and sometimes very annoying shows our children watch. They are boring to watch and sometimes I can’t help but analyze them. For instance:
The show: Max and Ruby (their bunnies, they talk and wear clothes) It’s on Noggin/Nick Jr. This show is actually pretty cute.

Here is where the analyzing comes in:
Ruby is the big sister (pre-teen age), Max is the little brother (young child age). WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS? They have a grandma they go to her house to visit, but parents are never mentioned. Ruby is not an adult, so it’s not as though she got emancipated and is taking care of her brother. I know she’s not an adult because there are Adult (bigger) bunnies that she babysits for. Why do they never mention the parents? Ruby is a bunny scout (Girl Scout) and she plays with dolls, she seems a little young to be taking care of her brother by herself. Max is a trouble making little bunny boy.
OK, see I’m kinda crazy now and I have seen this show too many times. PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one who does this.
There is another show with similar characters, older brother, and little sister. Charlie and Lola, I like this one. But they talk about their parents. The parents are there, you don’t actually “see” them but their there. There riding in the back of the car and the parents are driving, you only see the back of the car. Or one of them will leave the room to go tell mom. Get it….
OK, please tell me I’m not the only one. Sorry if this bored you, hopefully you’re at least laughing at me right now. Hey, I have to have something to keep me entertained. I’m a stay at home mom, remember….. And right now I don’t get to leave the house by myself. I’m with my kids 24-7. Maybe obsessing over missing parents on a cartoon show helps me keep my sanity.



  1. i totally overanalyze shows and i've stopped my son from watching sesame only because of baby bear. have you heard the way this bear pronounces words?


  2. Hi--I just found your blog and wow, we have so much in common--even our wedding anniversaries! =) I noticed the exact same thing with Max and Ruby--no parents mentioned. My daughter loves that show though.

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  3. I agree 100%!! This cartoon just slays me...I did a Max and Ruby book review last October and I felt a little bad about the review because I wrote how it bothered me that there were no parents around! I left the post up thought because I figured it wouldn't offend my three readers! lol!!

  4. Too funny - I have to admit, I've wondered about the missing parents, too. Fortunately, my son finds it boring. :-)

    He's a Go Diego Go! boy, which at least gets him off his butt and actively engages him in physical activity.

  5. My hubby and I were discussing this the other day. I am constantly trying to get into the "inner workings" of cartoons. I think I need a life. LOL

  6. Max and Ruby are my absolute favorites! I have been collecting Rosemary Wells books for well over 20 years now, and I never get tired of Max and Ruby!

  7. I don't like Max and Ruby...because my daughter...and now my son...tend to act like Max after watching too many know...the constant ONE WORD "order". Drives me batty. And like you, I've ALWAYS wondered where the parents are. Honestly. I like Charlie and Lola, but my kids do not.

    I let my kids watch Spongebob...but at least my son decided to pick the clueless but loveable Spongebob to model himself after, lol!

  8. I've been watching that show for a few years myself and have ALWAYS wondered where their parents are. So, your not the only one obsessed. lol

  9. haha you can't overanalyze cartoons and kids shows. If you do you'll find the dirty humor the creators put in.

  10. Max and Ruby is my daughter's favorite show. I've asked other mom's this same question. I think its on every parents mind, lol. Love your blog!

  11. Nope, not crazy! I used to do this to that show with the babies... What was that show? They had parents, but the parents were never actually watching them.

    Tommy pickles, meanine Angelica... what was that show??!

  12. I analyze every show my kids watch! Max and Ruby..totally agree with you there!! Where are the parents????

  13. **Tommy pickles, meanine Angelica... what was that show??!**

    It's Rugrats! That's another one. Social services needs to take those kids away. The "parents" on that cartoon NEVER watch the kids.

    I'm glad I am not the only one who overanalyzes cartoons, LOL. I have really enjoyed everyons comments on this post! It's been fun!

  14. Hi Patricia, I read this post and I don't think you're overanalyzing. The other day Ruby had to put Max to bed, and had to change his jammy several times. Is she really old enough to babysit him? Shouldn't she stay up until parents are home? WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?

    drives me crazy too,

  15. Well, Max and Ruby are not really cute little bunnies.... but have secretly hid their parents in the basement of the house.. It was Ruby's idea:)

  16. You are not crazy, my husband and I have the same problem with the show. The only time parents are ever shown is in a picture above the couch. I went so far as to look it up on Wikipedia and this is what Rosemary Wells said on the subject: According to Wells, "As in most other classic stories, we don't see Max and Ruby's parents, because I believe that kids resolve their issues and conflicts differently when they are on their own. The television series gives kids a sense about how these two siblings resolve their conflicts in a humorous and entertaining way."[3] Ruby acts as a maternal figure to Max, and takes care of some of Max's basic needs. In addition, their grandmother is sometimes present and takes part in many of the episodes.
    Not sure if that makes me feel any better or not...


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