Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My Coffee Time

Every stay-at-home mom/dad needs to have some time to themselves EVERY day. It helps keep the sanity. My time is in the morning from 7-8 before the kids are up. I actually get up earlier than I have to in order to have this time to myself, which is funny because I am NOT a morning person. I do not like getting up early. But I find I need this time to myself in the morning.
I get up about 6:30; shower, extra, and then I have about an hour to take my time eating breakfast and drink my coffee. I am able to sit and relax while drinking coffee and watching TV.
Then the kids are up at 8:00 and I have to feed my baby boy, get my daughter ready for school - “hurry up and get done in the bathroom (she will stay in their 10 minutes if I let her), get your socks on, let’s fix your hair, brush your teeth, get your shoes on” – all you parents know how it goes…. Rush, Rush, Rush, 5 days a week.
So, I need my Coffee Time, I find I function better if I get it, and it’s not just the coffee, it’s “MY time” I need before I start the day.

Mrs. Marine



  1. yeah, i aslo enjoy my "me" time. It does keep me sane.

    thanks for allowing me to advertise in your blog.

    good day!

  2. I always enjoy that time, even now that my last baby has left me for Basic Training in the Army. :}

  3. Power to the mommy!
    I am definitely a night owl so my mommy time is after midnight, work on my scrapbooking, get some homework done, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

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