Monday, March 10, 2008

Little Man has Separation Anxiety….

Daddy has been gone on Deployment for 9 days now and this past week my 9 month old has begun to cry every time I leave the room. It finally occurred to me that he probably thinks I’m going to disappear like Daddy did…. Pour baby, who knows what’s going on in his head. My four ½ year old is still confused as to when Daddy comes home. It didn’t help the matter that he was delayed leaving 3 times. I guess we will all get used to it eventually…

Mrs. Marine



  1. Bless his heart. I hope the deployment flies by.

    I'm not sure if you've listed it already but, do you have any of the countdown calendars with daddy's photo and other little things to keep baby boy entertained?

    I'm so sorry he's going through this.

    My son asked his daddy last week if he was at work in california OR in Iraq? Talk about insert sad face right then and there.

    Our kids are so precious. You just want to protect them and keep them happy and safe. Hugs!!!!!!!!!

  2. My husband has over 18 years in US Army. I can totally relate. Just when I think that I get to quit worrying... our son joins the Army. There is a great post on dealing with deployments & kids from This Vintage Chica at She is a fellow apron lover.

    Popped over from the blog party. Love your blog. I'm having so much fun visiting everyone. Pop on over & visit me if you'd like. Confessions of an Apron Queen...

  3. Aww :( Been there - done that, I wish you much luck - from one military wife to another.

    That is the part that sucks the most :(

  4. I need to find one of those baby photo albums so I can put pictures of daddy in it and he can play with it.... I show him pictures hanging on the wall of daddy. Pictures just aren't the same.


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