Saturday, March 01, 2008

Daddy’s Finally Gone

I know, that sounds bad. I didn’t want him to leave by any means. His attempts to leave on Deployment were delayed 3 times. That’s never happened even once, it’s kind of funny. Even the flight he got on was delayed because the planes battery was dead….
We have been delaying the inevitable for a week. He was supposed to leave last weekend. We said our “Goodbyes” three times. It was great to have him here for another week but it confused our daughter. We told her daddy’s leaving and then he comes right back…. She doesn’t have a very good concept of time as it is.
I need to get used to him being gone so that the time will fly by and he will get home again. The first few weeks are the hardest. I just have to get into a routine and get used to doing the things he would normally do when he’s home. Doing everything by myself, I have basically become a single parent. But this time I now have two children. Only had one during the last deployment….
Life goes on, without him.

Mrs. Marine



  1. You are so strong. God be with him, you and your children.

  2. Thanks for posting in this week's Life Lessons of a Military Wife Carnival #8!


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