Friday, February 22, 2008

I’m a Postie

I recently signed up for payperpost. The name explains it all. They pay you money to post about certain topics on your blog.
So far I’m still learning how it all works. I found payperpost on other blogs, I had seen the name mentioned on several other blogs and finally decided to Google it and check it out. Before I try any online money making opportunity I always search on Google to find the reviews. All the reviews people wrote were good. So, here I am, I’m what payperpost calls a “Postie”.
Let’s talk money: Payment for a post is anywhere from $5 to $135, maybe more, not sure. So I definitely like that the potential to make money is there. I’m a stay at home mom, anything I can do on my computer to make money from home is awesome. The military doesn’t pay as well as it should and if I can bring in some money then, the more the merrier.
There is also a referral program and what’s really cool is You can get paid to review ANY of my posts (see the little purple banner at the bottom of all my posts) click it and review one of my posts and you can get paid too. There are lots of great tools on the site. I was just looking at my blogger dashboard on payperpost and found something about Promoting my blog with blog carnivals, sounds interesting. We all know the more visitors to our blogs the better and the more fun.

Mrs. Marine


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  1. I'm a postie too. It's been good and I think you'll like it. Gives me a few extra bucks to spend on some things I wouldn't be able to get otherwise. Good luck!


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