Wednesday, January 30, 2008

School Uniforms

My daughter will be going to a different school next year. I have filled out an application to a school that wears uniforms. The concept is a little forign to me, but I like the idea. I never went to a school that had uniforms. I am wondering what she will think about it, everyone dressing the same. She turns 5 this year, she is young, I dont think it will bother her as long as she can wear a dress. Which there is a skirt option.
I would like an opinion from a girl who had to wear a uniform.
The bottom line is, its a great school...

Mrs. Marine



  1. I love uniforms! I'm sure your daughter will enjoy her new school.

    Uniforms should be required for the entire school population of the world.

  2. I, personally love, Love, LOVE school uniforms. Both of my daughters go to schools that wear uniforms. My oldest dd is at a public school and they do the navy, khaki and white thing - and my youngest dd goes to parochial school where they do the very stict plaid skirt, white blouse thing. Neither minds, in fact, my youngest actually LIKES her uniform (go figure) - and she's very, very picky about her clothes. There's never a battle about what to wear, no one at school tries to outdo the others, it's all very even. If the school is good - who cares what they have to wear, they'll get used to the clothes.

  3. Hi Ya, Uniforms - like'em and dont like'em - depends doncha like if get punished for coming to schhol not wearing one and like when standing in a queue for prayer in perfect order just like in military too.

    Great writing


  4. My kids went to private school for several years and wore a uniform. Loved it. My youngest daughter went to Montessori last year and she wore regular clothes. It was okay but more expensive! Now they are both in public and they require uniforms and I am loving it again! We have no arguments about what to wear.


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