Monday, January 21, 2008

Going "Home" for Deployment

My husband will be deploying again soon. Recently I was asked by another wife who's husband will be deploying with mine, "Are you going home for deployment." Meaning "home" as in where I am originally from, which to me, it's not my home anymore. I'll be here for a while, this is my home.
I have never understood the concept of the questions really. So many wives think "my husbands deploying so I have to up and leave and go home." And I'm not talking they go visit for a little while. They MOVE and go home to live for the entire deployment. WHY? They cant survive without their husbands, they cant be alone? It's ridiculous, and its a domino effect. It makes it harder on the few wives who stay because there is no one to bond with and your friends leave. It makes everyone want to leave. Not to mention it makes it impossible to put down roots anywhere living like that. Just because my husbands leaving doesn't mean I'm going to.

Mrs. Marine



  1. When my husband deploys, I usually get remarks like,

    How do you do it?
    I wouldn't be able to deal with my husband being gone for so long.
    OMG, aren't you afraid to be home all by yourself?
    The list goes on. Those are the few things I can remember about the comments I've received in the past.

    What is the purpose of uprooting your kids and moving away while your husband is away? Why would they even ask if you are going to do that.


  2. p.s. I wanted to add, I was a KV and it helped a great deal with deployments. I'm not sure where you're located.

  3. We have a friend who went 'home' to live with her parents the first time her husband was deployed. That was before they had kids. She'll never do that again!


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