Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Banana Bread Tips

I LOVE BANANA BREAD! I make it homemade. Hubby and Princess like it too.
I wanted to share a little tip you may or may not know.
You need very ripe bananas to make bread. I used to have the problem that I would not get around to making the bread until it was too late to use the bananas, or they would be ripe but I wouldn't have all the ingredients.
So, my solution - Freeze the Bananas when they are nice and ripe. I put them in a zip lock bag in the freezer and take them out when I am ready to make it. Your fingers will get frozen trying to get the peeling off but it works. I set them out on the counter for a few hours beforehand and then use a knife and cut a slit in the peeling longways to get it off.

Also, buttermilk, only need a small amount for the recipe. The only thing I use buttermilk for is banana bread. So every time I ended up pouring almost a whole pint down the drain.
My solution: FREEZE IT. I had a bunch of small baby bottles with lids that I don't use anymore. I filled each one with the exact amount of buttermilk that I need and put them in the freezer. Works great!

Mrs. Marine


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