Friday, December 14, 2007

Craft of the Week - Pet Rocks

Pet Rocks

You will need:
Rocks (not too big, not too small)
Pipe Cleaners - used for legs or antennae, etc.
Glue - Elmers (if you have a hot-glue gun you can glue rocks together to get more creative)

Get Creative with this! Paint and decorate the rocks into any kind of creature you can imagine!
I have made:
Ladybug - this is really simple, paint the rock red with black spots and a head
Octupus - purple rock with purple wavy pipe cleaner legs
Spider - black rock with black pipe cleaner legs, add a red spot on top to make it a black widow.
Pig - pink rock with pink curly pipe cleaner tail and little legs

Glue on eyes or paint white spots for eyes.
Another great craft for parties! Everyone can make something different!

Mrs. Marine


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