Monday, November 05, 2007

Missing Hubby.....

Hubby's job currently has him leave on Thursday evening and not return until the following Friday (8 days later). Every week for the next Month and a half. Hes home 6 days gone 8 days. Its frustrating, I keep having to explain to Princess (no that's not our daughters real name) when daddy will be home and why hes gone. I get used to him being gone after a few days then he comes home, leaves a few days later. Repeat.

I hate to say it but its almost easier to adjust when hes gone for several months. I love him and its his job. I just gotta vent sometimes. Things like this just drive me nuts. Whats really annoying is he is only 20 minutes away. But he cant come home at night and I cant go visit him....

Mrs. Marine


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