Saturday, November 17, 2007

Countdown To Christmas!

We put up our Christmas Decorations this weekend! I know its kinda early, normally we would do it the weekend after Thanksgiving but Hubby doesn't have many weekends off between now and Christmas, so it's either put it up early or late. I choose early.
Now that the decorations are up Princess is very exited and wondering when Santa will come! The last few years I have been doing Paper Chain countdowns with her.

Cut 1 inch strips of red and green paper. Make each strip into a loop and link them all together to form a chain. Make enough so your child can take one off every day from now until Christmas! I also write numbers on mine so its easy to make sure there are the correct number left. Sometimes she takes two off in one day, or forgets to take on off.

I have used Paper Chains to countdown to other different events also. If your child is learning their colors it can also be a great way to practise those. When they take one off they tell you what color it is (use lots of different color paper).

Mrs. Marine


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