Wednesday, April 18, 2007


We have been through 4 Deployments so far during my husband’s Military career, lasting anywhere from 4-9 months. Probably one of the worst was right after we arrived at our current duty station.
He leaves me and our daughter in a brand new City and State. I didn't know anyone here. My family was far away. I'm a single mom. It was very lonely, but that's the life of a Military Wife. It's the life we chose to lead. Through the ups and the downs.
He has two deployments coming next year and he really won’t be home much throughout the entire year. Every time a deployment comes I tell myself “Ive done it before and I can do it again”.
There is always an adjustment period after he leaves. I have to get used to doing everything on my own, from being a single parent, to household stuff, paying bills, grocery shopping. I no longer have the luxury of going anywhere by myself. I don’t have a babysitter. But I get used to it.
Then one day there back and there is an adjustment period again. It's kinda weird, you eventually get so used to them being gone. Then finally my husband is home and Mommy becomes chop liver, our daughter wants nothing but Daddy. It's cute, "Daddy do this, Daddy do that, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy." I don't mind I need the break. I only wait until her bed time when I can finally have my hubby all to myself again.

All in all, its hardest on our daughter. She is to little to understand why Daddy's gone.

Mrs. Marine


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