Friday, December 28, 2007

Craft of the Week - Painted Puzzles

Painted Puzzles

You will need:
Puzzle Pieces
Construction Paper

Paint the puzzle pieces and let dry. Draw a shape on the construction paper with a marker. Glue paintd pupple pieces inside shape.
Also another idea: Have a variety of different colored puzzle pieces and make a collage with the colors, or a ranbow. If possible have different size pieces.
Get creative!

Mrs. Marine

Monday, December 24, 2007

Snobby Military Wives

I am curious if anyone else has had this same experience?
The first Military installation we moved to all the other wives I met were SNOBS. My husband had just finished training and had only been in for about 6 months. Every wife I came across I got one of two responses:
She snubbed me because her husband was a higher rank and she thought that made her better than me. OR
She informed me that her husband was going to a new duty station and the were moving soon. (Which meant since she was leaving being nice was too much effort because she didn't need a friend)
The few that I did meet that weren't rude were teenagers fresh out of High School who married their boyfriend just so they could move with him and get government housing.

Sorry if that last part offends anyone but I have seen so many young girls get caught up in this life. Boyfriend joins right out of High School and she follows. Without a clue of what shes getting herself into. I didn't have a clue but I was at least older and able to deal with it all.

Mrs. Marine

Friday, December 21, 2007

Craft of the Week - Paper Plate Umbrellas

Paper Plate Umbrellas - this is really simple

You will need:
Paper plate
Pipe Cleaner

Decorate the paper plate with crayons, markers, paint, whatever you want. Cut a line to the center of the plate. Overlapping the sides curve the plate into a cone umbrella shape. Staple or glue in place. Stick the pipe cleaner through the hole inside the cone to make the umbrella handle.

Mrs. Marine

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Teachers Bribe with Candy

I don't give my daughter very much candy or sweets. If she eats all her dinner she gets a small desert. Candy and sweets are not a daily thing for her. She is young and doesn't need it. I will admit I am a little anal about it.
So I surprised to learned that her Teacher at school bribes the students with candy for good behavior..... I don't have a problem with the bribing, but use stickers or stamps, not candy.
What if a child is diabetic and cant have it? Maybe I'm being ridiculous, but I don't think they should use candy.

Mrs. Marine

Friday, December 14, 2007

Craft of the Week - Pet Rocks

Pet Rocks

You will need:
Rocks (not too big, not too small)
Pipe Cleaners - used for legs or antennae, etc.
Glue - Elmers (if you have a hot-glue gun you can glue rocks together to get more creative)

Get Creative with this! Paint and decorate the rocks into any kind of creature you can imagine!
I have made:
Ladybug - this is really simple, paint the rock red with black spots and a head
Octupus - purple rock with purple wavy pipe cleaner legs
Spider - black rock with black pipe cleaner legs, add a red spot on top to make it a black widow.
Pig - pink rock with pink curly pipe cleaner tail and little legs

Glue on eyes or paint white spots for eyes.
Another great craft for parties! Everyone can make something different!

Mrs. Marine

Crafts for Kids! - Craft of the Week!

I used to work at a daycare center and at least twice a week we did crafts with the kids. So I am full of ideas! It's so fun to do crafts with my daughter! Anyone else who loves to do crafts like me then tune in and Ill start posting Craft of the Week! These are not my original ideas, I have learned them from books and other teachers I used to work with.

Mrs. Marine

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Pregnacy & Child Development Books

If you are going to read any books read these:

What to Expect When Your Expecting
What to Expect the First Year
What to Expect the Toddler Years
All by Heidi Murkoff

They come in Spanish too.

They are a must have for any pregnant woman. Check out the website, there is even a book for dads and a journal for you. Best books ever.

Mrs. Marine

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Potty Training

Just wanted to share some info. I was telling someone about this book the other day so I decided to post it on here as well. There are a lot of potty training books out there and how do you know which one works???
Well I will tell you this one worked for me:

Toilet Training in Less Thank A Day
by: Nathan h. Azrin, Ph.D. & Richard M. Foxx, Ph.D.

This book was recommended to me by a neighbor who used it and it worked for her two kids.

Mrs. Marine

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Countdown To Christmas!

We put up our Christmas Decorations this weekend! I know its kinda early, normally we would do it the weekend after Thanksgiving but Hubby doesn't have many weekends off between now and Christmas, so it's either put it up early or late. I choose early.
Now that the decorations are up Princess is very exited and wondering when Santa will come! The last few years I have been doing Paper Chain countdowns with her.

Cut 1 inch strips of red and green paper. Make each strip into a loop and link them all together to form a chain. Make enough so your child can take one off every day from now until Christmas! I also write numbers on mine so its easy to make sure there are the correct number left. Sometimes she takes two off in one day, or forgets to take on off.

I have used Paper Chains to countdown to other different events also. If your child is learning their colors it can also be a great way to practise those. When they take one off they tell you what color it is (use lots of different color paper).

Mrs. Marine

Monday, November 12, 2007

This is funny - I created this with a friend....

Military Wife Recruiters

Objective: To successfully recruit and establish relationships between your husbands' fellow military men and your female friends and to promote healthy relationships between the two with the ultimate goal of marriage.


Private – To obtain the rank of Private, you must be legally married to an active duty Military Man.
Private First Class – Introducing the potential couple, even on the telephone, will result in the rank of Private First Class.
Lance Corporal – When the potential couple meets in person the recruiter will obtain the rank of Lance Corporal.
Corporal – When the new couple has decided to be an exclusive couple, therefor becoming an official couple the recruiter will obtain the rank of Corporal.
Sergeant – When the new couple first consummates the relationship (i.e. engages in sexual intercourse) the recruiter will obtain the rank of Sergeant. If the couple engages in sexual relations prior to becoming an “official couple,” the rank of Corporal may be skipped and the rank of Sergeant will be obtained.
Staff Sergeant – When the new couple has spent six months as an official couple, the recruiter will obtain the rank of Staff Sergeant.
Gunnery Sergeant – When the new couple announces an engagement to be married the recruiter will obtain the rank of Gunnery Sergeant. If the couple announces an engagement prior to the six-month mark, the rank of Staff Sergeant will be skipped and the rank of Gunnery Sergeant will be obtained.
Master Sergeant – When the couple sets a date for their nuptials to take place the recruiter will obtain the rank of Master Sergeant.
First Sergeant – When the couple legalizes their union (gets married) the recruiter will obtain the ranking of First Sergeant. Potentially, the recruiter may bypass the ranking of Gunnery Sergeant and Master Sergeant if the new couple bypasses the engagement process by eloping.
Master Gunnery Sergeant – When the newlyweds celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary the recruiter will obtain the ranking of Master Gunnery Sergeant.
Sergeant Major – When the couple celebrates their five-year wedding anniversary the recruiter will obtain the ranking of Sergeant Major.
Sergeant Major of the Military Wife Recruiters – When the couple celebrates their ten-year wedding anniversary the recruiter will obtain the ranking of Sergeant Major of the Military Wife Recruiters.

This came about shortly after I arrived at my husbands first duty station. A few of my friends came to visit and all of my husbands single buddies wanted to be "hooked-up" with my friends. It's all in fun, nothing serious. I'm a Master Gunnery Sergeant.... Soon to be Sergeant Major.

Mrs. Marine

Monday, November 05, 2007

Missing Hubby.....

Hubby's job currently has him leave on Thursday evening and not return until the following Friday (8 days later). Every week for the next Month and a half. Hes home 6 days gone 8 days. Its frustrating, I keep having to explain to Princess (no that's not our daughters real name) when daddy will be home and why hes gone. I get used to him being gone after a few days then he comes home, leaves a few days later. Repeat.

I hate to say it but its almost easier to adjust when hes gone for several months. I love him and its his job. I just gotta vent sometimes. Things like this just drive me nuts. Whats really annoying is he is only 20 minutes away. But he cant come home at night and I cant go visit him....

Mrs. Marine

Friday, September 21, 2007

Princess is in School!

My little girl is now in school. It's so weird not having her home with me all day. But that gives me more one on one time with my baby boy. She loves school! She is so exited when I pick her up, she tells me about her day and her new friends. She loves to show me her artwork that she brings home. She has homework once a week that she enjoys doing together!
I was not ready to put her on the school bus so I take her to and from school every day. Which I enjoy, being able to be more involved and see inside her school every day.

My little girl is getting so big....

Mrs. Marine

Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Princess is going to School!

My little girl will be starting school soon, so I have been trying to decide what school I want her to attend...... No idea how to go about this. If I had the bucks I would send her to a private school, but there too expensive.

I found some helpful sites:

Mrs. Marine

Monday, May 28, 2007

New Baby Boy!

Our Baby Boy, my little Prince has finally arrived! Happy and healthy and cute as a button! He arrived early and very close to his sisters birthday! He is perfect in every way!

Mrs. Marine

Friday, April 20, 2007

Cooking for 2

One of the hardest things to get used to when my husbands deployed is cooking for just me and my little girl. The two of us combined, I'm cooking for one. I'm not big on leftovers but I have had to get used to having them often. A few tips I have learned:
Eat Leftovers, for lunch or the next night.
Cut the recipe in half if possible to make a smaller meal.
Freeze half of the meal for another day. I have kept food in the freezer for several weeks. As long as its sealed well it will heat up just fine either in the microwave or in a pot.

Also at our old duty station I had a friend who's husband was deployed with mine. We would get together once or twice a week for dinner at each others houses. Unfortunately I don't know anyone here yet, so doesn't work this time.

Mrs. Marine

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


We have been through 4 Deployments so far during my husband’s Military career, lasting anywhere from 4-9 months. Probably one of the worst was right after we arrived at our current duty station.
He leaves me and our daughter in a brand new City and State. I didn't know anyone here. My family was far away. I'm a single mom. It was very lonely, but that's the life of a Military Wife. It's the life we chose to lead. Through the ups and the downs.
He has two deployments coming next year and he really won’t be home much throughout the entire year. Every time a deployment comes I tell myself “Ive done it before and I can do it again”.
There is always an adjustment period after he leaves. I have to get used to doing everything on my own, from being a single parent, to household stuff, paying bills, grocery shopping. I no longer have the luxury of going anywhere by myself. I don’t have a babysitter. But I get used to it.
Then one day there back and there is an adjustment period again. It's kinda weird, you eventually get so used to them being gone. Then finally my husband is home and Mommy becomes chop liver, our daughter wants nothing but Daddy. It's cute, "Daddy do this, Daddy do that, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy." I don't mind I need the break. I only wait until her bed time when I can finally have my hubby all to myself again.

All in all, its hardest on our daughter. She is to little to understand why Daddy's gone.

Mrs. Marine

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pregnant Again!!!!!!

I am currently 7 months pregnant with our second child! Our little girl is very exited about being a big sister. It's so nice that hubby will be here for the entire pregnancy. He missed the second half of my first. He deployed when I was 5 months along. He didn't get home until 3 days after our daughter was born. Luckily I had family there with me during childbirth but I really wanted him to be there. He would have been if it was up to him.
So the second half of this pregnancy will be a new experience for him. Which should be interesting. By the way,
ITS A BOY!!!!! I cant wait to meet him!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Marine

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Welcome to my Blog!

Sometimes I just need to talk to someone, but there is nobody to talk to. Weather I want to share something interesting or just rant and rave about whatever comes to mind.
Just so you know, I will not tell any specifics of who I am or where I am. Other than I am in the USA on the East coast. That's as close as you get. I am originally from the Mountain Time Zone, I grew up there. My husband is in the Military, I'm not going to tell you what branch. We were stationed on the West Coast. We have a little girl, a baby boy on the way and a fat kitty cat.

Mrs. Marine