Monday, September 14, 2020

Hello? Anyone?

It's been two years since I've posted anything... The last 5 have been... 

Stressful, frustrating, expensive, emotional, busy, aggravating... Fun, exciting, joyful, happy... Give me any emotion and I can give you an example of a time when I experienced it over the last 5 years. 

A year ago I bought a house.
The kids and I have been in Colorado for 5 years now. 
Sissy is now in her Senior year of High School. 
Booboo is in 8th grade, last year of Junior High. 

Kinda funny how that worked out, I'll have one kid graduate High School and the other begin the following year. 

I'm working full time, have been for the last 3 years. Except during all the shutdowns, I am administration in a medical office, not a job that can be done from home, unfortunately. Without patients being in the office, I don't have a job... Thankfully we are back the "the new normal" now... I hate wearing a mask... 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Crochet Craziness: Wordless Wednesday ~ Linky

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Wordless Wed w/ Testing Trisha

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Yard Sale or Donating Kids Stuff

When I was getting packed and ready to move from California I had a yard sale to try to get rid of what I didn't need or want. We all know as parents that kids alone accumulate a lot of crap that they grow out of.
From clothes to toys and books to all the baby items we must have when they are young. Items that they love and cherish one moment and decide are "for babies" or "little kids" the next. While I certainly did not have any baby items anymore my kids still had plenty of old clothes, stuffed animals, books and toys that they no longer wanted or needed.
I had a yard sale two weekends in a row to get rid of what I could and then for the remainder of the toys and books I found a Preschool near my house to donate the items too! Although I would have liked to get money for the items, I needed all the money I could get, it made me feel good to know the toys and especially the books would get LOTS of good use!
Also instead of donating kids items to Good Will, etc. I usually try to find a family to give it too.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

I'm in Debt because of Lawyers & Misleading Insurance...

My ex-husband played every trick in the book to try to get out of paying child support. He is former Military. I do not know the legal system and since he had a lawyer I had no choice but to hire one as well. I have been forced to deplete what little savings I had (I was saving for a down payment to buy a house) to pay for a lawyer, AGAIN. I have already spent over $18,000 on lawyers (most of which has been borrowed from family), first during the divorce (proceedings lasted 18 months) and now even more because he continues to take me back to court to try to lower child support. He has even started a business in order to claim he has no income, hide is wages and fabricate his expenses.  I'm not asking for an unreasonable amount of child support, I just want what is fair so I can support my kids. I am a single mom, I work full time and I do not make very much money because I was a stay-at-home-mom throughout my marriage. It was very difficult getting back into the workforce again, I had to start at the bottom.  I can't keep asking my family for money, they don't have it anymore so now I am in debt, racking up my credit card to pay my lawyer...

On top of all of this, I was lied to by TriCare Insurance which incurred more debt...
My children needed to see a therapist to help them deal with the divorce. I could not find anyone who was available in the evenings (I work during the day) and took TriCare. So I called TriCare to ask if I could see someone out of network and get reimbursed. I was told I could! So I found a wonderful therapist to see my kids and began services with her, I paid for each session out of pocket assuming I would submit the claim and get reimbursed.  When I later submitted the claim, it was denied stating that the therapists information was not up to date in TriCare's system. I called TriCare to find out the problem and was told the therapist needed to submit a form that would be mailed to her. Okay, sounds fine... Nope, the form tuned out to be to join TriCare's network which the therapist was not able to do.  The therapist and I called a total of 7 different times and was given the run-around, we were finally told that they would not reimburse me because she was not on their list of "out of network providers" and in order to get on that list she would have to join a network... I was lied to and completely misled. I have spend over $7000 on therapy that should have been reimbursed but never will be. I tried working with a Health Advocate to get this resolved, we sent multiple letters to TriCare trying to get them to reimburse me and I continue to get the same letters denying the claim because the therapist "is not in network"...

I'm in debt, barley making ends meet, looking for another job that pays more...
I started a GoFundMe page, because, what have I got to loose, so if your able to help at all, I would appreciate it immensely.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summertime Sadness...

We are now in the 5th week of summer and I hate it... Ex moved to the state 4 months ago so now we share the summer, my kids are at his house every other week... I absolutely hate being away from my kids for a whole week... Every other weekend I don't mind so much, it gives me a break and some kid free time. I run errands, do my shopping and things I cant get done during the week. But a whole week is hard, I miss my kids. I should not have to be away from my kids until they go to college... Or summer camp, that type of thing... It's just not right. I have 3 more weeks to go that they will spend at his house. Then back to every other weekend.